Sessions Must Be Scheduled by Contacting Our Office Directly


Ages 16 and up

By The Session

1 Session$45
10 Sessions$320
100 Sessions$1500

Unlimited Options

1 Month$249
3 Months$175/mo
3 month contract
1 Year$149/mo
12 month contract

A profoundly relaxing and healing session. Clients recline in comfortable chairs in salt covered rooms. Light and sound frequencies transport you to deep meditative states that encourage healing of the body, mind and soul. You emerge feeling rested and relaxed and realize that your breathing is freer and easier.


Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult

By The Session

1 Session$30
10 Sessions$230
100 Sessions$1500

Unlimited Options*

1 Month$199
3 Months$149/mo
3 month contract
1 Year$125/mo
12 month contract

Children under 12 may spend from 30 to 45 minutes in a bright, colorful room that looks like a large sandbox. Himalayan crystal salt covers the floor and the little ones run and play in the sand (salt) as if they were having a day at the beach. Chairs are provided for adults to supervise or hold the youngest. There is seating outside of the room and older children can be observed/supervised through the large glass walls if caretakers do not wish to stay in the room the entire time.

*Add $50 per month for each additional child


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