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Healthy Start to the New Year

January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!

The season of self-improvement has begun. Gym memberships and self-help book sales will go up. You will find yourself talking online and in person about change and fresh starts. Motivation will be readily available at every turn.

Whether because of optimism or reflection, many take the opportunity to make resolutions in January. A YouGov survey found the most common 2018 resolutions involve personal health and wellness. That’s a common reaction after a holiday season that tends to encourage indulging in lots of food and drink. It’s natural to wake up New Year’s Day thinking about reversing course in order to take care of yourself. But did you know that 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February?

Despite the best intentions, too many people fall short of their goals. In the case of improving the health of your mind, body and spirit, it’s not because the resolution is unreasonable or unreachable. It could be that the formula for a new you involves a major commitment or shift in behavior, and responsibilities and old routines get in the way. By no means, should you have to aim lower with your goals, but you should certainly consider the best way to achieve them.

That’s where salt therapy comes in because the benefits far outweigh the efforts. Rather than place more stress on your life with an elaborate new routine, you can view it as a moment to relax and refresh while a number of positive changes take hold. A halotherapy session might be exactly what you need after a busy couple of weeks of entertaining, traveling, or doing both.

While you sit passively in a salt room, you’re experiencing natural and non-invasive relief for sore, flaky, or red skin—in other words, skin recently beat up at the gym. The micro-particles of salt provide healing and cosmetic effects to the skin’s protective layer and hairs. It’s the perfect complement to your new vigorous exercise regimen, and it can even motivate you as a reward for a tough workout.

Regular salt sessions help improve breathing by relieving inflammation and loosening congestion. Dry salt acts like a sponge that cleans the respiratory system and removes build-up of foreign elements. If you’re a smoker looking to ease the tension in your chest and decrease coughing, salt therapy can help keep you on the path to kicking the habit. We ask that you have quite smoking approximately 3 weeks before coming in.

Sometimes it can be difficult to follow through on new year’s resolutions because the promise is too big, and you don’t see any short-term gains. You’re not going to immediately notice the effects of working out or a lifestyle change. Most salt therapy clients experience some sort of relief after the first session, but even if you don’t feel the physical benefits right away, you’ll certainly feel the effects of quiet mediation. It will help clear your head and reinforce your commitment to your new goals. With time, you’ll see improvement, and by next year, you will feel like the new and better version of yourself that you resolved to be.

 Holiday Stress Relievers

December 18, 2018

Enjoy yourself this holiday season!

The holidays are in full swing, and despite the best efforts, this time of year is not always as joyful as it could be. The season often brings more demands, heightened emotions, and increased pressure. Holiday stress is real, and it can easily ruin a celebration.

Anxiety grows out of the conflict of trying to create the perfect memory while managing the realities of everyday life. You might find yourself acting impatient or feeling lonely. And the constant reminders of the “most wonderful time of the year” can be overwhelming. Add in the many opportunities to eat horribly and drink heavily, and you’re probably not feeling like yourself by the time the family gathers. At best, you’re slightly irritable and tired. At worst, you slip into depression.

While all of that may sound bleak, there are several ways to fight holiday stress. The best solution is to beat the anxiety before it starts. Take measures to stay organized and honestly address sensitive areas of your life so that you can prevent some of the tension that arises during the end of the year. It also helps to maintain your physical health, which has a direct connection with your mental well-being. But there’s no reason to fret if you feel like you can’t keep the stress from building.

Salt therapy offers the perfect release for your mind during a tense period, and it helps your body refresh. During a typical session, you can recline in comfortable chairs in salt covered rooms. Light and sound frequencies transport you to deep meditative states that encourage healing of the body, mind, and soul. You emerge feeling rested and relaxed.

A salt room produces a high concentration of negative ions, which are molecules or atoms with a negatively charged electron attached. Once they reach our bloodstream, they have the ability to produce reactions that normalize levels of the mood chemical serotonin. Oxygen flow to the brain increases, and we feel more alert and energetic. Our sleep is improved as well as depressive tendencies reduced. Certain environments such as a beach or waterfall contain thousands of negative ions, but the average home or office may contain none. Salt rooms have an advantage because the equipment used for halotherapy transmits a negative charge to the microscopic salt particles and air fanned into the room.

There’s also a physical benefit to salt therapy for stress. The salt cleanses the airways and allows the lungs to be able to take more oxygen into the bloodstream. The negative ions also help protect against the germs in the air resulting in decreased irritation from the particles that typically make you sneeze or cough. All of this can mean a subtle change in your body, but the change boosts your immune system—an added bonus during cold and flu season. You emerge from the salt room feeling rested and relaxed and realize that your breathing is freer and easier.

Salt therapy does not have to be a one-time effort either. In fact, multiple sessions tend to produce lasting results. As opposed to many short-term holiday stress relievers, salt therapy can become a new routine that helps you consistently stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit throughout the year.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, enjoy yourself, and remember that there are plenty of ways to ensure that you have a happy and healthy new year.


December 4, 2017
National Influenza Vaccination Week

This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week. From December 3-9, you may see messages all around you about the importance of flu shots. That’s not by accident. The next three months mark the height of cold and flu season, and we are all at risk regardless of age, location, or general health. According to the CDC, nearly 300 million people per year come down with a cold or flu in the United States.

Influenza, or “the flu” as we all know it, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. For some, it’s an inconvenience that lasts a few days. For others, it’s much more serious and leads to other complications. Flu viruses are constantly changing, and as we age, our bodies have a tougher time fighting it off. Of course, you’ll run into someone who says there’s nothing to fear, but it’s always best to listen to your body and protect yourself.

The CDC recommends an annual vaccine to prevent the flu or make your illness milder if you do get it. But don’t forget about the smaller symptoms—the runny nose, cough, stuffy head, and other cold symptoms that cause you to miss work and school or otherwise ruin your day. Medications may mask the symptoms or provide temporary relief, but even in those short spurts of feeling good, you might feel groggy.

Salt therapy is not only a great way to relieve the symptoms of colds and flus, but it can also help prevent them altogether. One 45-minute session speeds up the clearance of mucus, improves lung function, and eases chest congestion. Halotherapy also opens nasal airways, killing bacteria and helping drain your sinuses. According to a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine in 2006, inhalation of hypertonic saline accelerates mucus clearance and improved lung function. The report stated that salt therapy treatment “provides a modest improvement in lung function and respiratory symptoms without substantial adverse events.”

Regular sessions will help drive away consistent sneezing and coughing and decrease dependence on medications. Additionally, the relaxing, stress-free environment of the salt rooms boosts the immune system. Rather than clouding their heads with medications of varying levels of effectiveness, salt therapy clients come out of their sessions feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Salt therapy for colds by no means replaces prescribed medication, but it also does not hinder other treatments. Since salt therapy is all-natural, it does not have any interactive effects with medications. Often, individuals who undergo salt therapy will find that they are less dependent on certain medication and that their symptoms are less frequent and less severe.

Some worry about salt therapy causing more harm than good when someone has a cold because of germs in the room, but salt naturally absorbs bacteria. The walls and floor of the rooms are covered with salt grains and salt dust, which creates an almost sterile environment. Also, the ventilation system clears the air in the space, exhausting used air out and pulling clean, fresh air in.

So whether you are getting the flu vaccine or not, remember that medication is only one line of defense. As cold and flu season kicks up, you might benefit from more natural treatments tailored to your body and symptoms. You’ll find yourself feeling fresh while everyone else coughs and sneezes their way toward spring.

Halotherapy is not a replacement for, but complement to traditional medical treatments
If you have any questions or concerns, please consult a licensed medical practitioner