Salt Room Therapy for
Respiratory Relief
and Skin Health

Halotherapy (also known as salt therapy) is an all-natural, drug-free therapy that benefits the lungs and skin with the use of dry sodium chloride (salt) aerosol. The finely ground, micron sized salt particles are precisely dispersed by a state of-the-art halo-generator into a specially constructed, negatively ionized salt room.

Clients simply relax in comfortable chairs and breathe in the dry salt air.

There are no side effects to this treatment. It is safe for children and adults to use. The dry salt particles are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and work to thin out and clear mucus.

If you do have a medical condition, we insist that you are always under a physician's care and undergo sessions with his approval and supervision. With Halotherapy treatments clients have been able to reduce their use of medications, the rate of hospital visits, and the frequency of asthma and allergy attacks.

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Enter into the world of European Salt Rooms. Relax in comfortable chairs and breathe in the cool, dry salt air. Feel your sinuses open and your lungs begin to clear. Inhaled allergens and pollutants are pulled from your sinuses and respiratory tract as your body begins to relax and de-stress. As your session comes to an end, you realize that you are totally relaxed and breathing freely once again.